1. Went for a walk at a place I used to frequent in high school. It’s so easy to be cooped up behind a computer all day— This was a good reminder to get outside and explore more, even if it’s familiar territory. 

  2. Paige and Sonya. September 6, 2014. 

  3. Emma & Black Eyed Susan’s 

  4. Libby in New Hampshire. January 20, 2013.

  5. Jesse at my favorite time of day.

  6. Sonya and the cat. 

  7. I photographed a story in April about a school in Hagerstown, Indiana that raises cows that they will eventually slaughter and eat in the cafeteria as part of a class program called “Where’s the Beef?”

    It’s an interesting way to save money and also know exactly where your food is coming from. On the flip side— to quote the article —

    But even supporters admit the plan could backfire. What if the cows get loose or die? What if the price of beef plummets? What if pupils grow attached to their assignment and cannot stomach the sight of Honey Bear between two hamburger buns?”

    Read the story here.

  8. Kids on a playground

  9. Some recent Instagram photos shot on my phone from a recent trip to Carbondale, OH. 

  10. The last day that felt like winter this year. April 15, 2014.